Schools - Demountable Staging

Felix Design Staging has been widely used in educational establishments for over 25 years. Originally designed in 1982 for use in a comprehensive school without a conventional fixed stage and limited storage facilities, the Felix Stage modular system is now used throughout the UK in every aspect of education from pre-school to universities.

Felix Demountable Staging for Schools

The basic design has not changed over the years – an all timber construction using the time proven slotted panel ‘egg box’ principle to form the supporting subframe structure with the drop over stage top to complete the Felix Stage module. However, the current materials used incorporate polished hardwoods and inlaid carpet surface with a unique toplok linking system that positively locks all adjacent modules together to form a complete stage.

Felix Demountable Staging for Schools

Storage of demountable staging has always been a problem in schools. Felix Staging was designed to overcome that difficulty by placing the four slotted panels that form the subframe into the recess of the stage top. Each complete module, of any height, can therefore be stored in an area of just a stage top thickness – effectively 71mm.

Felix Design Staging for Schools

Felix Design Ltd are the manufacturers of Felix Staging and so can offer a complete custom built service for virtually any demountable stage requirement. Two basic versions are available, smaller lightweight modules for infant and primary schools and the main performance range to suit any other requirements. This can include clients own specified materials or finishes regarding the stage surface, also the shape and size of the required structure.